Wednesday, January 05, 2005

How's Your Country Doing on Tsunami Aid?

Crossposted at SEA EAT:

Below is a list, current as of 1/5/05, of what different countries have pledged so far in aid for tsunami afflicted societies (amounts in $US). The sources are various news stories in the mainstream media (AP, AFP, etc.) that are easy to find through Google or Yahoo!News.

Australia: $810 million
Germany: $674 million
Japan: $500 million
USA: $350 million
Norway: $183 million
France: $103 million
UK: $94 million
Canada: $80 million+ (government matching private citizen contributions)
Sweden: $75.5 million
Denmark: $75 million
Spain: $68 million
China: $64 million
Taiwan: $50 million
South Korea: $50 million
Netherlands: $32 million
Switzerland: $23.5 million
United Arab Emirates: $20 million
Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher: $10 million
New Zealand: $10 million
North Korea: $150,000