Friday, December 31, 2004

Beware of RSS affiliated groups collecting funds!

I am not an expert on this issue, but there have been many accounts of RSS and RSS affiliated groups collecting funds for disaster relief. I'm very conflicted about this because the need is obviously enormous and I'm a world away to be injecting my politics into this without having a full grasp of how many resources are available.

However, given that I have been led to believe that the RSS and its associated groups have been instrumental in promoting an ideology of Hindu supremacy in India, I feel the need to at least people make aware that these groups that have put out solicitations have ties (pulled off of TsunamiHelp):

SEVA BHARATHI TAMILNADU (EARTH QUAKE RELIEF A/C)(Income Tax exempted under section 80G)'Shakti' No.1, M.V.Naidu Street, Chetput, Chenai 600 031.Phone No. 044 - 2836 0243, 2836 1049e.mail: rsschennai AT eth DOT net & vskchennai AT vsnl DOT net.
Source: (search for RSS)

India Development Relief Fund (IDRF) [For more info on why you should not contribute to IDRF, visit -Anonymous Poster on TsunamiHelp]

Jana Sankshema Samiti

Sewa International

Vishva Hindu Parishad
Source: Hindunet News

I know that there are others that have put out calls or are doing relief work, but I can't find them off hand. I'd appreciate if others would post them here or e-mail them to me.