Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shifting Focus of Progressive Change...

Update: This post originally contained solely the mothballing statement below. However, in light of the events of Darfur, Sudan, one of our admins felt that it would be irresponsible to move on without bringing attention to the overwhelming number of horrific crimes occurring their right now, which many have called genocide. Here is the New York Times column by Nicholas Kristoff (warning: graphic photos) urging action as well as links to two websites he mentions: and Please also check out the links in the addendum of the sidebar. If you worked on tsunami assistance, please remember that these are all connected struggles in that the agony of the victims is agony, regardless of whether the proximate cause was natural disaster or human malice. Thanks for your continued patience, support, and decency.


Well, folks, we've done what we could and now it's time for the admins of this site to move on. The web traffic on mainstream sites like SEA EAT is down to about 10-15,000 hits per day, and this site is, as you can imagine, much less frequently visited. However, the information here will stay up as long as Blogger leaves it up here.

If you're interested in taking over this site and transforming it (for example, into a Progressive Asian NGO clearinghouse), send your vision of what you think you want to make it into to sauravsarkar2000 AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks to everybody, and particularly contributors of information on NGOs, for your help. The site couldn't have happened without you.

Your Admins